Tuesday, May 1, 1990

1990: A Legend Is Born

We first competed at the 1990 Rockwell Space Operations Company 1st Annual Chili Cookoff, using as our booth the shattered remnants of the "Spaceman Spiff's Intergalactic Chili" booth (used at the NASA/JSC Mission Operations Directorate 12th Annual FOD Chili Cookoff in 1989). The Surfin' Chili "Fat Boyz What Don't Climb" did a great job painting, even if the support struts looked as if they were done by a bunch of drunks (which they were, but that's besides the point). Never mind the fact that our chili pepper mascot is facing the wrong way on the surfboard; he's obviously drunk. But despite their obvious prowess at the skill, Surfin' Chili failed to win the Beer Chug contest. Not that we cared whether we won or lost, just as long as we got to drink beer.

the Inverted Pyramid
Despite not having a skit, we picked up a number of awards this year, mostly for being way more obnoxious than the other groups:

  • special award for best new team (never given before or since)
  • 1st place ribbon for Pyramid Build
  • 1st place ribbon for Grapefruit Pass
  • 3rd place ribbon for Space Trivia

Our chili sucked, but that's not the point.

High/lowlights of the day: Robin's Cherry Bombs, Tim starting the tequila shots at 8:00 a.m., and the inverted pyramid.

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