Wednesday, May 1, 1991

1991: Skitless in Seattle

This year was the 2nd Annual RSOC Chili Cookoff, which is the warmup to the 13th Annual FOD Chili Cookoff. No skit this time either. But we did come equipped with several new awards, to counter the trophy hunters on the other teams. We were the envy of everyone.

  • 9/21/1974 participation trophy for 8th Edison Invitational Cross-Country Meet: Y.D.R.
  • 1975 Cub Scouts appreciation trophy
  • 1975 participation trophy for Fords/Clara Barton Boys Baseball League (FCBBBL) Midget Farm Team
  • 1976 participation trophy for FCBBBL Midget Div. Cubs
  • 1976 Blue Mountain Youth League Division Champs
  • 1977 participation trophy for FCBBBL Minor Div. Cubs
  • 1977 Blue Mountain Youth League Eastern Div. Champs (Shoemakersville, PA)
  • 1977 1st Single High Game Jaycees Bowling Tournament
  • 1978 participation trophy for FCBBBL Minor Div. Cubs
  • 1978 Coal Bowl II Champs
  • 1978 Berks City Midget League Jr. Champs
  • 1978/79 Perfect Attendance trophy for Herbert Hoover Jr. High Bowling club
  • 1979 Berks Youth Babe Ruth League Playoffs
  • 1980 Mr. Know-it-all Billy Beer Horse's Ass Award
  • 1982 Hamburg Area High School Spirit Award
  • 1983 3rd place trophy for Klein JETS Contest in English (Academic)

Oh yeah, we also won some awards at the FOD cookoff:

  • 2nd Place trophy for Showmanship (and they said we would have ran away with the first place trophy if we had only had a skit)
  • 1st Place ribbon for Pyramid Build
  • 2nd Place ribbon for Grapefruit Pass

Sadly, the RSOC Cookoff didn't see fit to accord us any honors, despite the fact we obviously deserved them.

Scud missile attacks
With the Gulf War raging, Surfin' Chili had a few Scud attacks of its own. Thanks to Jeff Nickels and his water balloon launcher, the other teams learned the true meaning of surprise attack. Strategically located in the corner of the RSOC cookoff camp, no team was immune from our deadly aim. The Scud attack continued unabated a few weeks later at the FOD cookoff.

Other high/lowlights: The Return of the Cherry Bombs, Ultimate Frisbee in the rain, and endless choruses of "Margaritaville".

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