Saturday, May 3, 2003

2003: Preparing for the cookoff (part 4)

At the end of the day, we grab the booth, stacked neatly in my garage each year, load it in a couple pickup trucks, and haul it over to the Gilruth Center for setup. It's done in a couple of hours.

The "before" picture.

First, frame the base and put in the support structure.

Then put in the floor.

Add a couple of walls, which fit into pre-cut slots in the floor.

Next, install the balcony floor, which gives the walls support.

Put up the front of the booth and add the ladder in back.

Install railings in front and on the balcony.

The main part of the booth is complete!

Start putting up the thatched roof support beams.

Behind the booth, our tent is set up.

Add thatched roof, using discarded palm fronds.

Install Jello Shot Dispenser, surfboards, bikinis, and trophies
(done on the day of the cookoff).

Last but not least, install team!.

Once we're done with the booth, it's over to the Cut-Up Party, where we distribute the shirts that we made last week, polish off the skit and assign parts, cut up the meat and veggies, and make the jello shots.

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