Monday, May 1, 1995

1995: Houston, We Have a Problem

The 1995 skit focused around the then-upcoming movie "Apollo 13" and the mega-hit "Forrest Gump". We called this one Life is a Bowl of Chili. OK, so it's a little lame, but everyone's entitled to an off-year. We lost to a bunch of guys in drag. We should have learned our lesson last year.

We reverted to our usual trophy-less chili, and pretty much everyone agreed our recipe sucked. And our skit left a lot to be desired, so we didn't even place in the running.

FOD Awards:

  • 2nd Place ribbon for Beer Chug
  • 2nd Place ribbon for Pyramid Build
  • 3rd Place ribbon for Space Trivia

Basically a year to forget. Even Robin's Cherry Bombs weren't even good. But at least Planet Texas wasn't there.

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