Sunday, May 1, 1994

1994: Naked Station 51.6

This year's skit was a combination of the recent "Naked Gun 33-1/3" along with "Gone With The Wind," "Babylon 5," and the recent troubles with the Tethered Satellite System. We managed to put it all together, somehow, and almost pulled off a storefront sweep in the two cookoffs: Naked Station 51.6.

RSOC Awards:

  • 1st Place trophy for Storefront (It always helps to have a skit with a guy in drag)
  • 3rd Place trophy for Best Chili

FOD Awards:

  • 2nd Place Showmanship trophy
  • 3rd Place ribbon for Pyramid Build
  • 3rd Place ribbon for Space Trivia

It must have been a cosmic alignment of the planets. Everything went our way and we finally won a chili trophy (even if it was the RSOC trophy). Yes, we don't care about how the judges like our chili (they usually don't) as long as we do, but damn! it was good to win.

Low/highlights: Robin forgot the Cherry Bombs, Buffett on the CD, water gun fights, Andrea chowing down on jalapeno peppers, and Alan in drag (twice).

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